Monday, May 14, 2012

Adaptations...a final word

For your final blog post entry, please go back through your blog posts and pick one to revise based on the comments you received. DO NOT erase the original post - copy and paste your text and revise (or however you want to do it) and post it as a NEW POST. That way I can look at your original and your revision and you won't lose any comments either.

You should be sure to pick one that has at least two comments. (See me if you can't find one with two or more.) Since I am still reviewing your Jesus' Son posts please choose from one of the others. They are:

Blog About Eve
Auggie and Paul
Freaks and Spurs
What is American Splendor
Off the Rez
Who Dun It?

Please post it up by the last class day - Wed, May 23. No comments required. You should also read this for Monday, May 21st:

Orchid Fever

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jesus' Son

In class we talked about the difficulties of adapting the work Jesus’ Son into a film, and also what we were expecting or hoping for in the film. What choices were made by the filmmakers that you thought worked well? Were there choices that you thought didn’t work well? What aspects in the book were left out of the film, or aspects added? What about the idea of the arc of the story – did you find it more definable in the film? Were there different choices that you would have made? Remember to think about not just content, but film style (and that can include acting choices). Please be specific with your examples from both the written and film text.

For this blog post there is a 500 word minimum, due Friday, May 11th.
Please be sure to comment on at least 2 blog posts by Tuesday, May 15th (100 word min).