Monday, December 16, 2013

Film Aesthetics - The Conversation - Extra Credit Blog Post

Take one of the questions below and answer it in relation to The Conversation, but be sure to add how that element is FUNCTIONING in the film - what is it's purpose and what effects are achieved by the sonic manipulation?

 What sounds are present - music, dialogue, noise? How are loudness, pitch, and timbre used? Is the mixture sparse or dense? Modulated or abruptly changing?

 Is the sound related rhythmically to the image? If so, how?

 Is the sound faithful or unfaithful to its perceived source?

Where is the sound coming from? In the story’s space or outside it? Onscreen or offscreen? If offscreen, how is it shaping your response to what you’re seeing?

When is the sound occurring? Simultaneous with the story action? Before? After?

 How are the various sounds organized across a sequence or entire film? What patterns are formed, and how do they reinforce aspects of the film’s overall form? Sound motifs?

Extra Credit will be awarded if you turn this blog post in by 5pm on Friday, December 20th.