Monday, January 19, 2015

Film Genres - Borrowing vs Stealing

For your first blog post please reflect on the first two reading assignments and assigned documentary. These can be informal, I am interested in your thoughts on the points that each writer makes, but would like you to be sure to reflect on the specific questions below. The readings and film are on our Haiku page, and are linked below. Blog post is due by noon on Wednesday, Jan 28th.

Good Copy Bad Copy documentary

Something Borrowed


Do you agree that many artists borrow as a fundamental part of the artistic/creative process? Should artists have the freedom to do so?

The authors make a distinction between borrowing that is derivative versus borrowing that is transformative. Is one wrong and the other right? How can we tell the difference and who ultimately determines that?

What other examples of appropriation can you think of?

How would you feel if another artist appropriated your work?

In what ways have you been influenced or appropriated another work?

In the current remix culture, when anyone can create something using digital technology, how is authorship being redefined? Consider the ideas of the "instrument" (piano vs turntable or computer, paintbrush vs camera) as well as the "process."