Monday, October 20, 2014

Film History: Hollywood Studio Years - Domination and Transition

After reading the two handouts about this period in Hollywood reflect on these two questions in your own blog post:

1) Why did the American movie audience change so much over this era,
and what effects did that have on the artform?  The business?

2) How was America’s cultural identity reflected or affected by Hollywood?

Blog post is DUE BEFORE CLASSTIME on Tuesday, October 28th!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Film Aesthetics - Mise-En-Scene in The Queen

Please read the linked pieces first, this one on costume designer Consolata Boyle, and this one from the visual effects house Framestore which worked on the film.

After you have read both pick at least one element of mise-en-scene (setting, costume and make-up, lighting or staging/acting) and write a brief post exploring how that element is functioning in relation to story, character and/or theme. Please be sure to have some specific examples from the film, and as always it's helpful to have a specific thesis to prove. You can also use these two resources to help your argument - be sure to cite appropriately. Your post is due Wed, Oct 22 - no responses on others posts required.

The real Tony Blair vs Michael Sheen
The Queen vs Hellen Mirren
The Queen giving the real address about Princess Diana

Friday, October 3, 2014

Film History - Inspired by Silent Film!

Here are some examples of modern creative works that showcase inspiration from silent film:

This is Smashing Pumpkins Video - do you see some influence from the Birth of Cinema?


What about her in this clip from Futurama? (click on the link to open) Here's a still shot:

Here's a scene inspired by Odessa Steps sequence from The Untouchables:

(and here's a parody of that scene, just for fun, from Naked Gun 2 1/2):

Look, the Odessa Steps shows up again in the film Brazil by Terry Gilliam (but the baby carriage is now a floor cleaner):

And finally, here is an short film by Guy Maddin, which is inspired by and uses techniques from silent film:

For your Research Assignment - don't forget to do your research and watch your film FIRST. Let the cinematic techniques or storyline and the information you find out about the film/filmmaker/film movement then lead into your inspiration. Remember you need to post up your Creative Project and a written explanation onto your blog, and then be ready to present them in class. You can also do a live performance of your piece in class, just talk to me first so that we can record it and you can put it on your blog afterwards. Or you can do a live performance and post the piece on your blog separately. Be creative! Have fun! Make sure you don't just recreate something, though - be inspired and doing something new with your inspiration!

One more, here's Madonna's take on German Expressionism and Metropolis: