Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Film Genres - Copyright Criminals

In your reflection on the film we screened please address at least two of the questions below. You can also add any additional thoughts you want to share.

1) Considering the four factors of Fair Use, do you think any of the artists/works that were presented in the film should have cause for claiming Fair Use? Please explain.

2) In the current remix culture, when anyone can create something using digital technology, how is authorship being redefined? Is the composer who writes an original piece of music any more of an author than the person who takes that original composition and combines it with other pieces of music to create a new composition? Consider the ideas of the "instrument" (piano vs turntable or computer, paintbrush vs camera) as well as the "process"- both of which were talked about from different perspectives in the documentary.

3) In your estimation, what type of copyright/permissions arrangement would be fair to both owners of copyright and creators of derivative works? What changes are needed in our copyright laws to accommodate recent changes in technology and current popular music and video culture?

Blog post is due Monday, Feb 3.