Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Film Aesthetics - American Splendor

In the film American Splendor the filmmakers tackle a story about a guy who writes stories about himself and his life in a comic book. In this article, cinematographer Terry Stacey talks about how the choices for the film were made to help reflect aspects of the original comic book they were adapting both in look and in its self-reflective nature. After reading this article please post up your thoughts on the film and it's look - both in mise-en-scene and in terms of cinematography. This does not have to be a very formal post - but please be sure to be specific with your ideas. Did you notice (or looking back can you remember) some of the things that Stacey points out? What other aspects helped to mirror the look of a comic book or the themes of real life reflected in a medium that we typically think of as "make-believe?"

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