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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mumblecore Furnished for You

What are your thoughts on the Mumblecore genre and our two example films,  The Puffy Chair and Tiny Furniture, within that proposed genre. Reflect specifically on content and aesthetic, and you can also bring in anything you learn regarding the filmmakers and audience (be sure to cite and include sources if you use them). You could write about each film separately, or consider them together (compare/contrast). Might be interesting to note that The Puffy Chair was a seminal film that helped to coin the phrase "Mumblecore" while Tiny Furniture was made several years later (and so then was associated with the genre by critics). I'm looking for an ample posting here with some specific points and backed up examples for those points.

Review of The Puffy Chair

Interview with Mark Duplass about the movie

Review of Tiny Furniture

More on Lena Dunham

and this...