Monday, April 13, 2015

Transmedia Storytelling

Discuss some of the specific examples on our Haiku page in relation to how they fit into the definitions given of Transmedia Storytelling (also on our Haiku page).

*What pieces do you think are particularly remarkable in how they create content or a shared experience between creators and audience/creators?

*What examples do you see as being particularly creative or innovative in their use of technology within the art?

*What questions seem to arise, either from the articles or from your own thoughts? What other transmedia examples have you come across or can find?

*What are examples of marketing pieces that aren't really transmedia storytelling and how do you tell them apart?

*Did transmedia storytelling exist before the internet - and if you think so, how?

Please be specific - please thoroughly think about some of the actual content on the Haiku page. You don't need to write about every single example or article, but delve deep into what you chose to write about.

On this post you should also propose your transmedia project. This is due by 2pm Mon, April 27th.