Monday, March 30, 2015


After reading through the links posted up about Twitter and TV please write some thoughts about this phenomenon, especially in relation to our Throughline question:

"How has the relationship between artist and audience evolved due to technology?"

Remember that your blog posts should help to reflect that you've thoroughly explored the content on our Haiku page, which means you should include specific examples along with any thoughts or opinions you have. You may also devote some time to exploring examples you've come across (or been a part of) on your own. Including links or media as appropriate is not required, but a good idea. Post is due Monday, April 6th BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.

If the internet is your audience, TV is quite like a play...Movies are a done deal- there's no give and take-  but in a play you listen to the applause, the missing laughs, the boos. It's the same with the internet. If you ignore that sort of a response, you probably shouldn't be working in TV right now.            - J.J. Abrams 

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