Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Film History - French New Wave in Breathless - Extra Credit

Write a blog post exploring how Breathless exemplifies the stylistic aspects of the French New Wave. If you need a reminder about the formal elements seen in French New Wave check out the prezi here or read this resource or this one.

Make sure that you are specific with your points and fully explain any examples from the film. You are not required to do any further research but certainly can - if you do, again be sure to cite accordingly and list your sources at the bottom of your post. You may also want to include a brief synopsis to the film as part of your introduction. Visual images or any kind of extra media that will help to illustrate your points and make your blog post more visually interesting are welcome but not required, though you certainly should be sure to make your blog visually easy to read and understand.

This is an extra credit blog post.

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